Monday, 14 February 2011

Mr Secret Housewife bought me a Kindle. Yippeeeee!!!

Mr Secret Housewife surprised me today with a romantic gift - the gift of a Kindle! I am so thrilled and have been enjoying playing with it. I am partial to a gadget as you may know and this means that I no longer have to go on holiday with the majority of my weight allowance taken up with books!

It is sleek and lightweight and clever Mr S.H. has also bought me a nifty case for it so I can carry my library around in my handbag.So far I have downloaded the Complete Works of Charles Dickens for an astounding £2.15. Yes - you read correctly - £2.15.

If only I didn't have a 2000 word essay to write I would be on it browsing Amazon right now for like bargains!! I even found the Mysteries of Udolpho, a nineteenth century gothic novel mentioned in Northanger Abbey.

I am so excited and so grateful.I do however have an essay to write so I must get off here and write away. You will be glad to know that I re-wrote my entire essay plan last night in an attempt to reach clarity and enthusiasm. Wish me luck!!

And as an after thought... my lovely husband and I have now been with each other for more years ( 24 ) than we were without each other (23 ). And I have loved every moment.

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