Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My chest is gurgling like an old radiator...

I am lying on my sofa, bored out of my skull, off work for the third day with what is something very similar to if not actually the flu. I am reluctant to say I definitely have the flu, but I ache all over, have a temperature, keep coughing and sleeping. I have not been on my computer for 3 days either, so that really shows you how ill I have felt. I think and hope that I am rounding the corner to being better. I am usually a very fit and healthy person and this virus has just laid me low.

Thank goodness for friends is all I can say. My lovely friend has been taking and delivering home from school my son. I just have been unable to get out of the house. Getting downstairs to make his packed lunch has been a huge effort each morning, so the thought of getting in the car to take him to school was an impossibility. It has been a case of setting my alarm, making his lunch, ensuring he had eaten breakfast, seeing both boys off and then collapsing back into bed. I have been sleeping for huge amounts of time. Ridiculous.

I am becoming more worried as the time goes on, however.I have a 2000 word essay which is due in to my tutor by the end of next week. I am so behind on my reading for this course and goodness knows how I am going to be able to write this one.The course is awful.I know you are probably bored of hearing this, but its a case of just getting through this one. I just sat down to try and read some critical essays on Thomas Hardy, but I am finding it very difficult. I know that it will get done, by hook or by crook, but I wish I could find more enthusiasm.

I suppose I am just affected by this illness. As I get better I will regain energy, but right now I barely have energy to think.My chest is gurgling away like an old radiator. My mission for today after I have written this, is to have a shower, get dressed, and pull myself together. You will not get the best of me, you fiendish germs!!


Urban Cynic said...

Stand (or lie) strong girl! You can beat this vile miasmic interloper - be gone foul flu!

Gail said...

feel better soon

Millie said...

Yuk, snot and sneezes are so not good! lol... I had flu all over Christmas so I know how you feel. Plenty of drinks was the only thing that helped me! Hope you feel better soon x


Give yourself over to resting and not worrying. You need the rest and sleep to outwit this bug.
Sleep with abandon. Like you did when you were a kid.
We women have to start nurturing ourselves like the do the men and children in our lives.
We'd all be much better off and so would the world. We'd be much happier, I bet.
God bless, now go rest! That's an order.

sarah at secret housewife said...

thank you everyone.I am beginning to get there.Definitely back to work on Monday so will try to get myself sorted by then.x