Saturday, 30 April 2011

New allotment photos and vegetable list.

While many of you were watching the royal wedding yesterday I was up t'allotment with my husband. We have been working hard on putting up raised beds and we have now done 5. What a difference from when we first started! This time last year I hadn't even thought about getting an allotment and here I am making raised beds and reading up on companion planting and crop rotation!!

Anyway - here are some photos of what we did yesterday...

And whilst I was there I earthed up my potatoes. You have to do this when the leaves start to show to avoid the light getting to the tubers.The light will turn them green and poisonous!

L was down there as well doing lots of digging.So the three of us had a lovely afternoon. So far, having planned to not actually grow anything other than my garlic and onions I have the following growing there...

Land Cress
Little Gem lettuces
Red currants
Runner Beans

Just wait until I get serious!!
And just to remind you... this is what it looked like last August


Gail said...

Wonderful progress!

Pauline said...

Oh wow! Fantastic progress! Your gardens looks great, a fine reward after all that hard work.