Sunday, 15 May 2011

Allotment,AA316 Study and Roger Water's Music ... with photos

I have had such a weekend! Its been spread out between studying, gigging and gardening. I am just over 3000 words into my final essay of the year and things are going pretty well. I had my last tutorial yesterday and amazingly that was quite interesting too.

Last night we went to the O2 to see Roger Waters perform The Wall. He is ex Pink Floyd and the show was absolutely incredible. The man is a genius!! We went with the other guys from my Man's band and I have to say they are all just lovely. Its so cool when you are with people you genuinely like and enjoy being with!

Because of all my writing and socialising I couldn't go to the allotment yesterday. Its the first time I've not been down for weeks if not months and I felt terrible - like I had abandoned my veg!! I went up there today though to water and couldn't believe L's latest kindness.

He has finished digging over the plot as far as is possible so we can put up 2 more raised beds this week or next. As I stood looking about though I realised that he had put up wooden borders on two sides of the plot. He has brought along wood, painted it with wood treatment and dug in metal posts to hold it in position. I was, as we say in this part of the world, gobsmacked!!

This lovely man is 80 years old for goodness sake. P and her daughter came over to chat and said that L had been there all day and I felt really quite tearful. These people have taken me into their community with such kindness and I am so fortunate.

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Caz said...

Those lettuces are so pretty, it makes me want my own vegie garden even though I'm flat out watering the plants I have :(