Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Companion plants and plants for my companion on the allotment.

Just a quick post tonight as I am feeling really tired! I have had a busy week - working on my last essay of the year, working at my job and being a mum with all that entails. The allotment is looking good! I took my camera down there tonight only to find the battery had run down and I couldn't take any photos. How frustrating!!

I went to the garden centre and bought a tray of French marigolds as companion plants for my runner beans. I also bought a small lavender bush. I planted the marigolds on the outside of the bean canes and the 4 I had left over I have lined up along my path.

I really would like the plot to be vibrant with colour and butterflies and hover flies and bees as well as full of fruit and veg! L has dug in all my green manure, bless him and has also weeded all my runner beans. I said to him today that it was just like Christmas every time I went down there and saw what he had done!

The lettuces he gave me are flourishing although they are not the variety he had planned. He told me the other day that he thought he had ordered Little Gems, but in fact he'd got Valdanas. When I was at the garden centre I saw trays of Little Gems so I bought him a couple. You should have seen his face when I gave them to him - he was a like a little kid!!

So... more photos tomorrow - its looking lovely. Until then... goodnight! x

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