Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Alice's Bucket List - please read and visit.

There are days when you read a blog post that rises above the mundane - the idle chit chat of Blogger or Twitter or Facebook - and stops you in your tracks. There are blogs that need taking note of - not 'blogs of note', but blogs that are a simple, brave and touching cry from the heart.

Today, a moment ago, I came across Alice's Bucket List .

Alice is 15 and has just found out that the cancer she has been suffering from is terminal. She has not chosen to curse the world. She has chosen to live with dignity and has set up a blog with a simple list of things she would like to do before the little time she has is over.

She would like to stay in a caravan, visit Cadbury world, have a back massage ... The simple wishes of a 15 year old girl are heartbreaking.

I would ask you - whoever you are, wherever you live - take a moment, please, to visit her blog and send her support. If you can help her with her wish list that would be wonderful.


Eve said...

This is so sad..thank you for sharing this Sarah..I will definatley be visiting her blog.

Louise said...

Thanks for highlighting this blog Sarah - I shall definitely pop over and visit. x