Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The wasps nest.

It is a gloriously sunny day outside so I am not going to write for long. After all, living in England you do have to make the most of any hint of warm weather. I am about to head off to the allotment and do a bit of weeding. Things are not too bad, but I like to keep the place tidy.

There is a huge wasps nest in my burning barrel which I am slightly concerned about. The barrel is an old oil barrel that is full of plant matter which can't be composted and which needs to be burnt. Unfortunately the wasps discovered it and have made it their home. It won't be their home for much longer if my husband has his way.

One of the first things my husband told me when we met was that he knew how to make napalm ... Yes, it wasn't a promising start. However, 25 years later his napalming skills may at last be coming to the forefront of usefulness in the destruction of the nest. My hope was to wait until the cold weather set in and then they would disappear by themselves. My husband is keen to get rid of them far sooner and his idea of getting rid involves large amounts of flammable liquid. Needless to say I won't be there when he does it.

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