Monday, 17 October 2011

Another list. Another day procrastinating ...

I have so much to do and so little desire to do it. I have made a list of things, big and small, that I really need to get done.

  • Plan lesson for Thursday
  • Write up feedback about RE course
  • Write 2000 word essay
  • Sort out flashcard list
  • Tidy allotment
  • Cut down runner beans
  • Plant garlic
  • Read more of course books
I have written the introduction to my essay, but I just don't have any enthusiasm to pull my finger out and get started. I feel so tired and getting out of bed in the morning is tricky, never mind cycling to work. When I am at work I am full of get up and go, but as soon as I get home I just plonk myself down and fiddle about.

I listen to the radio, go on my computer, watch tv ... all the things that I really should pull myself away from and forget about.

I probably just need an early night and a good talking to ( Urban Cynic, are you there??!) I know I will get it all done and every good girl deserves a rest sometimes, but my apathy is beginning to annoy me!!

I think I might write a list with something to do each day ... Oh I don't know. Someone give me a magic wand and a will of iron!!


Urban Cynic said...

At your service madam! I give 2 pieces of advice as a freelancer who has the sole responsibility of motivating myself. And who's job it is to motivate others.

1)if you feel like taking it easy for a bit then do so. Sometimes you need to take a break.

2) pull your finger out & get on with it! After you've had a break, allocate 50 minutes for just one and sit down and start. Sometimes you have to simply begin and the rest will follow. 50 minutes isn't too long but will give you time to break down the academic tasks into smaller bite-sized pieces. You might just need to start by planning and take it from there - maybe the whole task seems too big. Allocating the time into your calendar helps sometimes too. If it's not scheduled then you'll never find the time to do it.

(Activate point 2 once point 1 has started to get out of hand!)

Gail said...

Urban Cynic said it all. I know you can do this when it needs doing, in between, rest.

sarah at secret housewife said...

Ah! Urban Cynic ... I knew you wouldn't let me down!! I think part of your business should involve a helpful, no nonsense advice giving service!!! Not only do you make me laugh, you put me onto the right track.Thank you

Gail, thanks for just being there my friend.

Sarah xxx