Friday, 28 October 2011

BritMums Blogger of the Week - how very marvellous!!

About 18 months ago I joined BritMums - a parenting website and forum - and I have dipped in and out since then. This week, however, I had time to have a really good delve into their revamped site and I was not disappointed! Following a veritable of flurry of activity on my behalf, including my first attempts at Vlogging or video blogging, they have very kindly named me ... da da daaaaaahh ...Blogger of the Week!!

How thrilled am I? Well, I can genuinely say 'very thrilled'. And what have I done to deserve this award? Well, I think mostly I have blogged, vlogged and generally become really active. I have found some very interesting blogs on the site which cover everything from How to make a vlog to Coping with depression as a parent. The whole vibe is one of friendship and support, which is rather marvellous.

This half term week has given me the time to get involved and has also made me realise just how much I love blogging. Trying to explain to my bemused mum just why I revealed parts of my life to others was interesting!! I can't explain why I love it so much, but I do. 

I love the interaction with other people. I love putting my posts on Twitter and Facebook and increasing the circle of people who visit my pages. I love seeing the comments that people post, most of which are incredibly supportive and friendly. And I love being a part of other people's lives - people all over the world. I love the excitement of finding a jewel of a site, maybe someone who has just started blogging and has no idea how interesting they are!!

If I could make a living out of doing this I would love to ... but to be honest that's not why I blog. I blog for me, for the satisfaction, for the friendship, because through blogging I learn, I laugh and I cry. And occasionally, like today I get given an award! 



Urban Cynic said...

Get you - well done!

I agree that being given a peek inside strangers lives is fascinating. I've 'met' some incredible people living lives entirely different from mine from all over the World which I think is incredible.

I went back to visit my earliest posts the other day and saw that you'd been with me from the start. This means that without meeting, you have followed me through 2 years of my life! Blogging creates a really nice, supportive network but it's important to remember that these people aren't actually 'proper' friends and you only see the sides of them they want to show.

sarah at secret housewife said...

Yes absolutely.I know I talk about 'friends' but I am very aware that people online choose exactly the image they wish to portray and much as I hope I have an idea of what people are like I think its important to remember that.

Pauline said...

Huge congratulations! Well deserved. I agree with you about blogging friends. I've met two of my blogging friends and both of them are now dear to me.

Sometimes, I think people express themselves in a way that we can connect with. I follow a couple of bloggers who entertain me but I'd run a mile to avoid meeting them face to face.

My youngest sister, who I suspect is about your age, she's young enough to be my daughter anyway, takes my mother on to Facebook once a week to see all the latest family photos, etc. We are starting a family history blog and she now has the task of explaining to Mum what a blog is!

I'm rambling...sorry.

minibreakmummy said...

I'm very pleased to have found your blog through BritMums.


Ruth @ Minibreak Mummy