Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Making a compost bin from pallets.

Autumn is coming and I need to put the allotment to bed. Before I can do this though I need to have a compost bin for all my green stuff. I scrounged some pallets for free some time ago and this weekend I managed to get my husband ( long suffering as he is ) to help me make them. When I say 'help me' I actually mean 'do it all himself while I watch.'

Below are some photos of him working on it and then the end result. I need to line it with weed membrane possibly and get some wood to put on the front, also something to put over the top, like some old carpet, to keep the warmth in. But - nearly there, thanks to my wonderful man.


Pauline said...

That is a simply brilliant idea for a compost bin! How come I never thought of that? I have the piece of old carpet and a couple of pallets and know where to score a couple more. I will be putting your idea into action, that's for sure!

Caz said...

How very resourceful!

sarah at secret housewife said...

Glad you like it!! x