Monday, 19 December 2011

Let's all drink till we fall over ...

I was listening to the radio yesterday and the presenter was discussing the perils of cheap booze - available at all supermarkets in the U.K for next to nothing. The argument went that the availability of cheap alcohol was dangerous to the health of the nation and that it should be made more expensive.

At no point did anyone involved in the discussion make the suggestion that maybe people should take responsibility for their own behaviour ...

Now, don't misunderstand me ... I am rather fond of the odd glass of Merlot m'self. I like a glass or two of wine. But that's it ... a glass or two. The big thing that struck me was that our culture seems to think its ok to go out, or stay in, and drink until you can drink no more. Drink until you fall over, slur your words, vomit all over the street and wake up the next morning feeling like death warmed up...

It seems to be more and more acceptable that people binge drink. They go out with the express purpose of drinking to excess. It is no longer the case for some people that they drink as an accompaniment to their evening. The drinking is the evening. The alcohol of choice is not a glass or two of wine or beer ... to go with a nice meal or to relax one for the evening. Its all about drinking as quickly as possible, as much as possible - downing shots in quick succession until the ultimate goal of unconsciousness is achieved.

Now I know that I may well be sounding like an old fuddy duddy here, but I can't stand watching people behave like this. It irritates me that some people are so irresponsible and, frankly, chavvy.

To pass responsibility onto the supermarkets or the state seems to me absurd. Just because something is cheap does that mean you have to binge on it?

I think it reveals a lot about a person's character. There are people who when confronted with a free bar will still choose to drink in moderation. There are others who take advantage and feel its the order of the day to take take take as much as they possibly can. Why?? I just don't understand why anyone would want to be so gross.

The thought of spending my weekends, or any other day of the week, focussed purely on how quickly I could reduce my body and mind to a stumbling, vomiting wreck is abhorrent to me. I may be in the minority here and I expect people will think I am a prude, but it just makes me feel cross to see people behave in this way.

Its not about supermarkets selling cheap booze, its about society's attitude to drinking, to alcohol and also about our sense of self respect. I know when I have had enough - about 2 glasses ( yes, I am a very cheap date!) and I stop. I don't like losing control. I have never been falling over drunk and I don't plan to be. Its a shame that so many people are not only so obsessed with the pursuit of oblivion, but also with blaming other people for that behaviour.

Sermon over!!

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Urban Cynic said...

BBF and I were having the same discussion about a week ago. I agreed with you but he said that people needed regulating.

He said that people weren't actually responsible enough to make those decisions and that everyone was fat because crap food is so cheap.

Personally I prefer to have a bottle of wine in with friends but BBF likes to drink more. We're both happy that alcohol is cheaper (although it's sky-high in pubs) but you're right - they're not talking about people like us, they're talking about the ones whose vomit we step over every weekend morning.