Monday, 9 January 2012

Positivity ... not.

Right, now call me a hypocrite if you will and, to be honest, I probably am ... but having extolled the virtues of positivity like some sanctimonious ... well, positive person ... I now see that most of my 2012 posts have been moans. I plan to continue in this vein with the following post, so please accept my apologies.

Its like this ...

  •  I've got the decorators coming in tomorrow and my house is a tip
  • I'm on a course until the end of the week so I have no time to do anything
  • I'm trying to organise a group skiing holiday which keeps going pear shaped
  • I have 1500 more words of a 2000 word essay to be done by Wednesday night
  • I have a thumping headache
Now obviously the first thing I would advise if I was reading this would be to ... 


However, I have been working, non-stop, since 7am and I am due a break.

Its one of those times when I just feel snowed under and this blog is a good way of putting all my worries down on paper so I can sort them out and do something about them. I have always done this - its one of the reasons I started my blog. Unfortunately for you it means that my readers have to put up with a bit of a frenzied moan and groan. As I say ... my apologies.

I am telling myself that this time next week it will all be sorted. The house will be sparkly and freshly painted, I will have a holiday to look forward to, my essay will be done ( by hook or by crook) and this headache will be a distant memory.

Its weird isn't it how things can just pile up and drive you nuts? Each thing by itself is ok, but together they weigh me down. Its kind of pathetic really - after all I'm hardly facing a torrid time. In fact now that I've written my worries down I am wondering whether I should just delete them as I sound like a complete idiot.

Well, I'm not going to delete them. I am a normal mum/woman with normal worries. I am not the only one sitting at my laptop tonight feeling a bit stressed and, let's face it, its better to blog than to drown my sorrows with a bottle of Merlot. Well ... maybe I might do a mini drown with a glass of the stuff rather than a bottle, but hey. Life sends you worries and part of life is getting through them in the best way you can.

If you have made it through to the end of my moan, well done and thank you!


Caz said...

Your insightful and witty blogs far outweight your moany ones! Things always seem a lot worse than what they actually are - one day at a time and come next week you'll be smiling. :-)

Eve said...

So much to do piled wonder you have a headache! Have the glass of merlot and just do what you can. Things always seem to work out in the end..I really enjoy your blog because you're a real human being who doesn't shy away from saying so when you need to moan. Smiles to you!