Wednesday, 7 March 2012

KONY 2012 ... Please watch, think, share. Thank you x

There are times when the little people of the world do something very special. This is one of those times and you can be a part of it. Below is a video that you need to watch. It is just under 30 minutes long, but you need to watch it.

In Africa there is a man called Joseph Kony. For over 20 years he has killed, raped, abducted children and forced them to kill, maim and be killed. There is a campaign to stop him. You need to be part of this.We are the little people who, together, can make a big difference.

If our children were taken from their homes, from their families, forced to be child soldiers, forced to watch their siblings be murdered ... well it just wouldn't happen. Why can it be allowed to happen in Africa?

Please. Please watch this film. Make up your own mind. But watch it. The man who has made it, who has started this campaign is remarkable. His son should be proud of him and his refusal to accept what the world has accepted for decades. We need to be a part of this. Please watch, share and if you have time let me know that you have.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Great post as until today I hadn't even heard about this. You are very right, it's important for all of us to do our bit to raise awareness and stop this happening. Great post x

Razmataz said...

I came across this today.

sarah at secret housewife said...

Thanks Chloe and thanks also Razmataz.I have read the article through your link Razmataz and although I understand the concerns of over simplification of a massive problem I still see the biggest issue to be that of Joseph Kony and his ilk.
I agree that when I saw the web page with "action kits" for sale my eyebrow raised and I would not send my money off for one. But really I think that if publicity about a criminal like Kony can bring about his arrest and trial then that's a good thing.
The fundamental problem is the fact that someone like Kony can stay around for over 20 years, killing, raping and maiming.
I have posted before about the dreadful events in the Congo, have read other people's articles on monsters like Kony and year after year nothing is done.
Of course one doesn't want a corrupt organisation making money out of such awful events, but there is no proof or case pending against Invisible Children as far as I can see.
I will follow the unfolding story with interest and I really hope that something positive comes out of it all. I do thank you for posting the link as I think its important to read as much info as possible on such subjects and then draw conclusions based on facts.
Let's just hope that the days of child soldiers being forced to murder their parents and siblings can be ended.
Sarah xx