Saturday, 5 May 2012

Book Club - where women laugh.

I have had a busy week ... There is so much going on right now that I am not writing about on here, just in case I get into trouble! Don't want to be a naughty girl now, do I? But in amongst the hard work and stress I have had some moments this week when the sun has shone through and I have bathed in the warmth of friendship and laughter.

Tuesday night I hosted Book Club round at my house and I don't think I have laughed so much or so hard for ages. Our Book Club is not one that prides itself on high fallutin' intellectualism I'm afraid. In the words of one of our husbands we " gossip, bitch and laugh for 2 1/2 hours and then talk about the book we've chosen for about 10 minutes". This may seem harsh, but its true.

The book this week was Before I go to Sleep by SJ Watson. Now, I really enjoyed this book and I may write a review one of these days, but the main part of the evening was the friendship we shared. You know the sort of thing? 7 women around a kitchen table, eating bits and bobs - cheese, olives, crisps, pistachios, wine ... and talking about their lives, their frustrations ... their husbands.

There are things you can talk about with girlfriends you've known for ages that make you feel like you are more than friends ... sisters. That might sound a bit namby pamby, but its true. When you have shared ups and downs, laughter and tears together its so wonderful to be able to open up and chat about your week.

It made me feel so normal. In a week where I have been made to feel like I was losing my mind in certain quarters this was an affirmation of my normalcy. If these warm, sane, intelligent women actually like me and can sit round my kitchen table talking about love, life, school, sex, drugs and rock n roll ( well, maybe not the last 2 ...) and laugh until we cry - then I must be ok.

Oh ... and our next book? Fifty Shades of Grey - an erotic novel, Lordy, Lordy!! Now that will be a good night!!!


Kate Ladd said...

Hi Sarah :-) am a new follower here from Two Cats, Youngling and Me. Great to meet you. I ordered the trilogy of 50 shades as it was on offer from Amazon and heard rave reviews about it. However having received them (not started reading them yet mind) I have heard a mixed reaction. Some say inappropriate use of language and cringe worthy scenes which needn't have been in there. Let me know what you think of it too. Enjoy xx

Anonymous said...

Our book group has just chosen Fifty Shades of Grey for our next read - I've mixed feelings about it & have heard the same mixed reaction as the above commenter. Can't wait to read your review, I'll post mine after I've read it - in a plain brown wrapper of course!