Saturday, 8 September 2012

Paralympics, Olympics, chicken noodle soup & murder.

It was back to school this week for the Autumn Term and the playgrounds were full of children with sparkly new shoes, neat haircuts and the occasional tear. I have started the school term with a new hair cut, but definitely no tears and, sadly, no new shoes! I am hoping things continue as they have started because, so far, it is absolutely fabulous!!

My first weekend has been spent doing housework, which I hate, and at the moment I am settling down for a cup of tea at my kitchen table before I head off to the allotment which has been sorely neglected this year. I cooked my chicken noodle soup for lunch for my husband who loved it, but couldn't resist mentioning my lack of prowess in the rice noodle front. Apparently some of his were stuck together ...

When I had finished burying his body in the garden, I helped my son with his homework. He was under strict instructions from his teacher not to copy and paste. It amazes me that children these days are so utterly reliant on computers for their homework. If you don't have access to one you really are rather screwed. To put it rudely.I am glad that this lady is attempting to teach them to be able to glean information and put it in their own words, rather than find a Wikipedia page and copy and paste vast tracts without even reading it.

My son is a very reluctant reader. It is too slow for him and it is an uphill struggle to get him to read. I have tried lots of things to no avail.Its odd because both my husband and I, along with our older son, just love to read. I am hoping that eventually son #2 will learn to love books and the joys that rest within them.

I don't know about you, but we have been glued each evening to the Paralympic Games. In the past I can't remember them having much tv coverage, but this year, as they are taking place here in the U.K there is lots of coverage both on the radio and the tv. The thing that has surprised and excited me is the fact that people's disabilities have rather faded into the background for me. I see athletes rather than anything else and I have enjoyed watching the various sports immensely. It makes me feel a bit pathetic really that I have done no sport for ages because I have put on a bit of weight and feel a tad bulky. Er, hello??!

I really hope that the spirit of the Olympics and Paralympics continues after this summer. I was pretty cynical before it all started and rather grumpy that we couldn't get tickets for anything. But I have to say that having watched it on the telly and listened on the radio for the whole summer I feel so proud of what the organisers have achieved. The Paralympics and Olympics have joined us together as a nation and, I hope, shown the world what we are made of, what we stand for. I may not have managed to get tickets, but I have stood in my lounge screaming for Mo Farah and David Weir as they headed towards gold medal victory. I have cried tears of pride at the Opening Ceremony and tears of empathy when athletes won, lost, came close. I may have to buy shares in Kleenex ...

So that's my life at the moment, in a nutshell. Now that the Autumn is approaching I hope I will have more time to write and to read your blogs too. Until then ... tata.


FarmWife said...

How much to I love that your post included the phrase, "When I had finished burying his body in the garden?" {---------this----------} much!


The first few days of school are the best. I love the enthusiasm of the kids and their pride in all their new school clothes and supplies. Enjoy your new year.

Suzanne said...

So with you on the Olympics thing....I was particularly unenthusiastic after being unsuccessful at getting tickets. It really has been fantastic hasn't it? Glad you're having a good start to the new term :)

sarah at secret housewife said...

Ha! Glad you liked that bit Farmwife!! I was so cross with him after all my hard work!! I hope you have a good year too! x

Hi Suzanne! The whole olympic paralympic summer has changed the way I look at the world. Its really brilliant!! Thanks for commenting! Sarah x

Inkling said...

Sarah, you crack me up. I love your matter of fact way of politely discussing your husband's untimely demise. ;) Too funny. I hope he repents. =)