Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Portrait Workshop ... a new project!

Since I finished my Degree I have been looking for something to get my teeth into ... a new project. A friend of mine suggested joining the local art society so I have. They meet for talks and workshops, demonstrations and an annual exhibition.

The first workshop was this weekend and involved a whole day with an artist, the lovely Keith Morton, who showed us the world of portrait.

To be honest with you its been 4 years since I last drew or painted anything in anger. I set up a little blog to show some of the stuff I did, but I am under no illusion as to my ability ( or lack of it!). I know that I can draw and I have muddled my way into watercolour painting, but I am hardly an expert and because my forays into drawing and painting are so rare my "work" is ok but not great.

I was nervous driving to the hall where we were to meet. I began to wonder what on earth I was doing! But you know ... the people there were just lovely! Very welcoming and warm.

 Keith was warm and friendly and a damn good artist. He gave a class in which he made everything so clear. I have always done everything by eye, but he was into measuring. This was a revelation to me. It was almost as if we were not painting, but modelling, sculpting in paint.

By getting the measurements right the proportions became true. I know my drawing is not perfect, but its alright and its a start.

I decided to sketch first and chose a photograph of an old man as I thought that drawing a stranger would be easier than drawing someone I know. Sometimes if you know a face very well you can imagine what you think is there ... but actually is not.

Keith spent all day walking round guiding us all. He had a way of making you think your work was fab and if you just tried this ... or that... it might look even fabber!! He was lovely.

I spent time getting used to using my pencil again and eventually I got back into the rhythm. There is something so relaxing, so very therapeutic about spending a day thinking, studying, drawing, painting. I finished my sketch, had lunch and decided to paint.

Now painting was tricky! My man ended up looking rather like a zombie!! But he was ok ... not brilliant, but a reasonable effort considering. I wanted my work to look fresh and loose rather than overworked and tense so I am pleased with that aspect. Now I need to practise!!!


Eve said...

Very nice work Sarah! Congratulations on getting back into art. You are inspiring! I used to draw and paint too, it's been years and years since I've done anything...you give me hope that I may have a dormant painting inside me.
Thanks for sharing this and I'm sure you'll do great if this portrait is any indication! It is wonderful, you should be very proud. :)

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