Saturday, 2 November 2013

A bit late but ... Happy Halloween!!!!!

My friend was complaining about Halloween the other day. She was saying that Trick or Treating was really just legalized begging and that she hated the way children came round to her house asking for sweets. Her thoughts surprised me as, for me, Halloween has always been a fun night full of community spirit.

For me Halloween is about dressing up, painting faces, decorating the outside of our house  and welcoming the children who come around for sweets. We are fortunate around here because there seems to be an unwritten code of practise ... if you have any sort of Halloween decoration on your front step then you are up for Trick or Treaters. If your step is empty and your house dark then it means "Move on, we're not interested".

Usually we have family around for something to eat and even though my boys are a bit big to go out Trick or Treating themselves they like to have their faces painted to open the door. For me, face painting is like therapy! Before I worked in my current job I ran a little face painting company, going to children's parties, so I love to paint and am there with my sponges, paint brushes and glitter at the drop of a hat!

What I love about the children around here is that they dress up and come round with their parents. They were, without fail this year, polite and friendly. I know that if I lived in an area where people were aggressive and frightening then of course I would feel differently to the way I do ... but I can only judge from what I see...

One of my favourite things to make n Halloween is lychee eyeballs ... They are so simple to make and very tasty ... if you can get over the way they look!! You need a tin of lychees then spoon in some raspberry jam .... then pop in a blueberry and Bob's your uncle .. eyeballs!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!


Urban Cynic said...

I'm with your friend on this one!

sarah at secret housewife said...

Ah well ... fair enough!! xxx