Sunday, 5 January 2014

365 photos ... 1 a day, every day. Brace yourselves!

I am a tad late coming to the party with this idea, but I thought I would join in with the 365 photos thing. I have discovered that The Boy and Me ran this linky last year and I am going to try and join in. Each week you post a selection of photos taken during the week, join the linky and then go and visit other people who are doing the same. They don't have to be fabulous photos, but they will, over the course of the year, show my life in picture form.

I may not post every day. but I will definitely post photos for every day, even if its in a little group at the end of a week.

 My first photo is of me on New Year's Day ... wearing the fluffy panda onesy my son gave me for Christmas. I may not look too glamorous, but I was certainly happy!!

The next photo I took, and again this was posted to Instagram ( I am an avid , not to say obsessive user!!)
This was of a beautiful rainbow I pulled over to photograph on my way home from the shops on January 3rd.

Unfortunately I didn't take a photo on the 2nd of January, but from now on .... brace yourselves!!!


Emma said...

365 challenges are so much fun - I did one and a half, and it led to blogging. It changes how you view the world, honestly.

Just don't forget you can play with macro when you get stuck.

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi Emma. Thank you! x

Caz said...

Hi Sarah, what a great idea - do you mind if I get on the bandwagon? I'm struggling to find things to blog about and am an avid Instagram user! How can I follow you on Instagram? xx

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi Caz. Thanks! I'd love to be friends on Instagram! I am at instagram/secrethousewife. x