Tuesday, 11 February 2014

An Original and Easy Valentine's Gift.

I thought you might be interested in seeing an idea for Valentine's Day ... You still have time and this is quite an easy, but thoughtful gift to make. And when I say easy I mean it as crafty type stuff fills me with horror!!

So ... what you need is:

Plain white card x2 A4 sheets for hearts
Plain card x1 sheet for background
a frame
red paint (water colour is nice, but really whatever you have is fine)
glitter (but only if you fancy it... not compulsory)

What you have to do:

First of all, get creative with words. Either write on your card or type in a nice font and print out as many memories or romantic thoughts as you can think of. You could put down words that mean something special, poetry, special dates and places... Fill your sheet.

Then paint over your card with the red paint. A messy, washy effect looks good. Make sure you can still read your words!! Wait until dry ...

Make a template for a heart and use it to draw round all over your words. Make sure key words are visible on the hearts. Cut out 32 hearts.

Stick 16 of them on your background paper. I did 4x4 but you can do what suits your frame. ( I will allow that!!).
Then take the other 16, fold in half and stick on top of the original hearts so half is stuck, half is free, as above.
If you feel like it add glue randomly and apply glitter. If you don't like glitter or don't have any ... don't worry!

Put your magnificent creation in a frame with no glass....

Dadaaaaah!!! A lovely, thoughtful and, dare I say cheap Valentine's gift which is totally original to you and your beloved!!


Caroline said...

I don't celebrate Valentines (I'm an off season Scrooge), but this looks fab. It's something I could make for another celebration.

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi Caroline. Yup that's the good thing about this. You can use it for other days. I actually made it for our wedding anniversary as I was too tight to spend £60 on one I saw online!!

Jaklien van Melick said...

This is such a great idea and easy to make. And great for my limited budget as well. :-)