Friday, 21 March 2014

I need a one night luxury hotel break ... pleeeeease!!!

Don't worry ... I am not going to start spending my time moaning here on my little blog ... but ...

Its my husband's 50th birthday in July and I am trying hard to find something gorgeous for him. My thought is to take him away for a night of luxury and romance. The thing is though, I keep finding gorgeous hotels, but when I look closer they have a two night rule on the weekends.

By that they mean that I cannot book a room for Friday night and then come home to be with our boys on the Saturday, ready to wake up at home on the Sunday, his birthday, and enjoy breakfast in bed, pressie opening together.

No. If I want to stay on a Friday night then I have to book the Saturday too.

And that, my friends, really annoys me.

I found a beautiful place in the New Forest, a stunning place on the beach and a fab spa in the Cotwolds ... and they all insist that we cannot stay just one night. Is there no flexibility in the world of hotels??

I want a luxury hotel with a spa and a really good restaurant. I want beauty and service and I want to be able to feel special. But just for one night. Grrrr ...


Inkling said...

I wonder if there is any way they'd consider making an exception. I mean, you think they'd rather make money off of one night than have vacancies for two. I hope you find a place, for those plans you've got sound like a lovely way to honor your husband, both just you guys as a couple and later on as a family.

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi Inkling! I have given up and arranged something else!! How annoying, but I hope we will still have a lovely time xxx