Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Training to become a Cognitive Hypnotherapist.

I am excited. Some time ago I wrote about my thoughts on training as a Hypnotherapist and since then I have moved forward with my plans. I have researched Training Schools and thought long and hard about whether I should or could retrain.

I have come to the conclusion that this really is the next step for me in my life. If you have been reading my blog for any time then you will know that I am one for a plan. I like to focus on something for which I am full of enthusiasm. In the past I decided to walk the Moon Walk, a marathon length overnight power walk to raise funds for Breast Cancer. I did it 4 times. Then I concentrated on running and completed many 10ks, 5ks and Half Marathons before, in 2008, completing the London Marathon. Then I changed my focus to my unfinished Degree and spent 3 years studying to gain a B.A Hons. I graduated in 2013.

This is not my way of saying "Look at me! I'm fab!" Its a way of showing you that when I set my mind on something I believe in - I do it. Since finishing my Degree I have wondered what to do next. I considered training to be a teacher, but decided that I was only thinking of this because I felt I ought to - not because I was desperately keen to do it.

Hypnotherapy is the future for me. It seems to be the answer to many of my desires and ambitions. I have found a school that I like and I am going to go for it.

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It has been difficult to find the right place to train as, in the UK, there is not one single regulatory body to whom one can go and find out the best way to train. Hypnotherapy is outside the mainstream of traditional care and as such there are a plethora of places - from online courses with no practical sessions to post graduate certificate courses with scientific papers to write. It is very hard to find a course that will definitely result in one being a reputable and professional therapist.

I have, however, been drawn to a particular school in London which seems to offer thorough training with a solid support system and proven track record. It offers a 10 month course with a mixture of home study and coming together with other students once a month over a weekend with an experienced trainer. There is a combination of theoretical study and practical work. After qualification one is supervised for a year and there is an excellent support network. They strive for excellence.

At the weekend I went along to the college for a meeting and I was impressed by the professionalism of the people I met. I was able to sit in on a training session and they answered all my questions. There was no hard sell - far from it. They seemed confident and dedicated.

So my decision is now - can I afford it? Is it the right thing for me? What can I lose if I do it? What can I gain?

It seems to me to be an exciting new path to take. It appears to be a career in which I can help other people overcome problems and fears, a career that I can run alongside my current job, a career that I can practise for the rest of my life, which will give me satisfaction and reward both intellectually and financially. For example, working for 3 hours a week as a hypnotherapist will give me the same salary as 17 hours as a Teaching Assistant. The financial side of it is pretty low down on my list of needs, but to be able to do something that helps other people, at times that suit me and in a way that gives me a sense of fulfillment whilst earning enough money to keep me afloat, is very tempting.

I want to be the best Hypnotherapist I can be. I want to be able to change people's lives in the way that my Hypnotherapist changed mine. It may be that with my experience in school I can eventually specialise in helping children and teenagers overcome problems that they face.To be able to help other people be free from their fears would be an incredible thing, a privilege.

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My first step is to sign up for the course, take the plunge. I am so excited!!!


Inkling said...

Sarah, that's so exciting! I have friends who teach hynobabies, a hypnotherapy course specifically designed for birthing women, and I've done EFT (tapping). Both seem like great tools to have in one's emotional and mental health toolbox. You will do great, and I'm so very excited for the new possibilities this will provide for you outside of the realm of working with children. It sounds like quite the adventure!

Stella Branch said...

Well done to you! I wish I had some idea of what I'd like to do!

sarah at secret housewife said...

Thank you!I am so excited to have found something that I can learn and hopefully do for the rest of my life!