Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ballet Class as an Adult Beginner.

Yesterday I went to my first ballet class. Well ... I say first ballet class, and it is as long as you don't count about 4 classes 45 years ago. I had always wanted to be a ballet dancer. There is something about the way they move, the shapes they create, that mesmerizes me. I have spent hours drawing and painting their feet in pointe shoes ...

And now, at the age of 50, here I am, in little pink leather ballet pumps standing at a barre attempting to tease my feet into various positions with toes pointy and chin aloft!
I am so thrilled to be doing it! The teacher makes the class fun, but its hard. She tells us what moves to make in French ... none of which I can remember right now! But I enjoyed it so much. 

I don't think I am a natural ballerina, but I love the feeling of holding in my tummy, lifting up my core and holding my legs just so. I don't really care what I look like on the outside. On the inside I am Darcey Bussell, Margot Fonteyn and Tamara Rojo leaping for joy!!

As for the fitness side of it I think I am going to end up with thighs of steel because they certainly hurt like Hell after the class yesterday!!


joy said...

It's always a great thing to try something new, or something longed for from childhood. I would love to take up horse riding again, having not been since age 11, but I'm really not altogether sure it would be a wise move after 55 years. Your paintings are gorgeous. Joy x x

Anonymous said...

I applaud you...Ive always had a dancer trapped inside me, but never had the courage to explore the possibility of doing something about it..or anything for that matter :-( I still don't, maybe I never will, but I admire you so much for taking your ballet dream forward. If you get thighs of steel while having fun..even better :-). Just wondering..how old are the others in your class?


Sarah Pellew said...

Hello Joy! I have often thought about riding again. I haven't ridden for about 30 years but I would love to do it again. I am a bit afraid of ending up paralysed though ... x

Hello Ash! You should do it! Find a class! The other ladies in my class range from about mid 30's to about 60 years old. Some have obviously danced before while others have not. There is even one man who comes along apparently! Im so glad I've done it! x


Kelly Michelle said...

Sarah, your artwork is beautiful - you should sell it and I would definitely buy your second piece, it's stunning!

I have a couple of ballet exercise dvds and when I do them (they collect dust regularly) my legs and core hurt so much.

Enjoy the classes xx

Sarah Pellew said...

Hello Kelly! Thanks for your comment! I'm very flattered that you like my paintings.Maybe I'll bring one along for you next Bloggers Tea! The ballet does hurt a lot doesn't it? Still ... I suppose that's all good! See you soon.

SarahMummy said...

I love this! It's so inspiring! I have a desperate urge to do ballet too - I'm 41. My daughter does it and it's so beautiful. I do street dance, but I thought my old muscles wouldn't cope with the rigours of ballet, having not done it since I was 7. You've inspired me though!
Your paintings are so beautiful :)

Sarah Pellew said...

Ah thank you Sarah! You should definitely do it! It is hard, but its beautiful too. Thanks so much for commenting. Sarah x

Emma Julia said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! And good luck with those classes!

Sarah Pellew said...

Ah thank you Emma !! xxx

Miss Whistle said...

Oh good for you, how brave and wonderful to do something like that. Brava! xo

Sarah Pellew said...

Thank you! Im not sure that Im brave! Its a lot of fun x