Friday, 26 January 2007

I am now trying a link.......

Ok. Second try now. Tried earlier and had to delete my post. My apologies if I try to link to you and it all goes wrong. I will get it right eventually. I will, I will !!

A big Thank you to Trixie and to Emily for your help and comments !!!

Now then,it is no longer snowing here. I think that is probably winter over and done with for Hertfordshire this year, but one can always hope. I shall attempt to post another snowy photo for the calming effect I promised yesterday. However, whether it works or not is another matter.

Yippeee!! It worked !!!

I have also found a little quiz for you to try at the bottom of the page. What sort of donut are you? Apparently I am a crunchy caramel donut. Does that mean I am just gross ?!!


Farm Wife said...

I tried to leave you a nice long comment on your last post about how to link and quizzes and such...and Evil Blogger dumped my comment!

Glad to see you seem to be getting the hang of it!

Sarah said...

Thank you for trying!! I am learning that Blogger can be quite evil when it wants to be! S

trixie stix said...

If on-line friends can't help ech other, who will? Now, I will be asking you questions! :-)

PS - thanks for the link. You did great.