Thursday, 25 January 2007

So many things to learn...............

I have so many things to learn about blogging. The more I do it the more I realise I want to learn !!

So, I have some questions that, if you can answer, I would be really grateful !

1. How do you put little links in your post ? Like when you want to have, say Tom's blog in the middle of a sentence so people can click and get straight through ?

2. Where do you get all these great little quizzes ?

3. How come some blogs have thousands of visitors ? How do people learn about them ?

O.k, enough questions. Calm down Sarah !!!!! Perhaps a calming photo would help ? This is a great by-product of blogging. I have started taking photos each day to put on my blog. It makes me more aware of my world!!

Fine, no calming photos today as I can't get it to work. AAAAAGH!!!!!! I'm calm, I'm calm.


trixie stix said...

hi! You can put links in when you are drafting a post by highlighting the word(s) you want to use as the link. Another window will open and you type in the url and click ok.

trixie stix said...

sorry, forgot your second two questions . . . #2 - I have no clue. Usually just stumble on mine. #3 - when you know, will you let me know? :-)

emily said...

1. There's a little link icon on the top of my blog whenever I'm working on a new entry. I use the old blogger, so if you use the new one it may be different.

2. I think the website with the little quizzes is called

3. Usually it's friends or friends of friends. And then there are blog-hoppers who just go places at random to see what they find. The famous folks get tons. I don't know how. Being featured in magazines helps, I imagine.

Sarah said...

Thank you !! I will try those suggestions. And as for people coming to my blog? Do you know, I am really happy with the people who are already here! I'd rather have a special few than thousands of strange strangers.I'm glad to have nice people here. love