Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Snow, Yippeeeee.........!!!

I woke up this morning, and having slept an extra 40 minutes after my alarm I looked out of my window and noticed......... snow !!! I love it when it snows. First thing was to go and tell the boys who were both soooo excited - full of plans for snowmen and snowballs.
Then, out I went with my camera. I hardly had to trudge through the snowdrifts as you can see !! But snow is snow and beggars can't be choosers !!
School was filled with excited children. I had to clear up drifts of snow from the carpet after one little girl dropped the snowman she was carrying into the classroom !!!
" If it snows again, will you play snowballs with me ? " one little fella asked. Well, what do you think ? How can you turn down an invitation like that ?!
As a child I always dreamed of opening my door one morning and being snowed in, like Laura Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie. Can you imagine ? A wall of snow that you had to dig through to get to the barns. Not that we had a barn. We didn't even have a shed now I come to think of it, but,hey, it never snowed the prairie way in the Home Counties so it wasn't a great worry for us !!
Its forecast to snow tonight, so with luck we might get to play snowballs tomorrow. Maybe I should get more food in ? Get the animals in from the high hills ? Or maybe I'm just getting a little bit carried away !!!!


trixie stix said...

Next thing you know, you'll be skiing! Enjoy the fun and hot chocolate.

Sarah said...

You know, I might just try skiing. I do live on a hill...... Maybe I'll just stick with the hot chocolate !! If the snow carries on I'll have to nag you for those knitted warm things !!! S