Saturday, 13 January 2007

Not Saturday, Footballday........

So this is it from now on. Saturdays appear to be no longer on the calendar. Instead we have Footballday.

I set my alarm for 7.30, get the boys up and dressed for football ( soccer to my friends in the U.S ) and set out to the day's chosen pitch. Of course they play on pitches just far enough apart to have me striding out across the mud to deliver them to their coaches. Not far enough for use of the car, but far enough to a) get me all hot and bothered b) miss most of the matches as I go from one to the other.

So, from 9am ,when we leave the house til 12 when we get back its all mud and scarves and gloves and hats pulled down tight, encouraging, cheering, comforting, drying tears and runny noses.

And then, just as you think you've made it and maybe you could do a nice girly thing like go shopping, visit family, talk to another human being over the age of 10............

husband gets on his football kit and disappears halfway across Hertfordshire to play with his team.

Leaving wife with 2 filthy, muddy, hungry kids.............. and NO CAR !!!!!

So, until the brief respite of July and August, I no longer recognise Saturday. Just Footballday.

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