Friday, 12 January 2007

Good bye Muffin Belly...............

O.K. A much happier day today. Although it was very hard to get out of bed. I was sooooo cosy in my duvet and it took the will of 3 women to drag myself out.

Well, actually, just the realisation that nobody else was going to make son #2's packed lunch for school, and the thought that a cup of tea might be nice.

The last day today of my Special K Challenge. " Eat Special K for 2 meals then a normal lunch or dinner " they say," And you'll drop a jean size " I can't quite believe that I have done such a silly thing, but hey, I think it has worked !!!

Not quite the muffin belly I had 2 weeks ago and I am far more inclined to eat sensibly. So with the running as well let's hope that 2007 is a healthy, slimmer year !!

I have signed up on which is a cool site. Run 100 miles by 1st April. That is the plan. Me and a whole load of other people. I like seeing my mileage meter gradually going up.

Why don't you try it ?!!!


Farm Wife said...

Congrats on the loss of Muffin Belly! And I'd run with you, but alas I live on a gravel road, I'm 4 months pregnant, and I despise running...always have....goes back to a sadistic Phys Ed. teacher in 3rd grade who made me run 2 laps with a sprained ankle! But, good luck to you!

Sarah said...

Thank you ! I think I may have had that same teacher. I hated sport at school - that teacher told me I was useless and never tried. Lovely lady.

emily said...

I had that teacher too! Always said I was too "academic" and needed to try harder. Turns out I was right, I really couldn't breathe...I have asthma and no one ever believed me.

Good luck with your running. One day I'm going to be a runner. I have big plans. Right now I'm aerobicizing my butt off. Literally, I hope.