Thursday, 11 January 2007

With love ................

What a windy, cold , old day it was today. I find myself thinking of my brother and his wife. Today was the funeral of her sister. She was 24 and died on Christmas Day.

I know that this is gloomy and you won't want to read about sad things, but I need to write, so please forgive me.

We spent some time this summer with my brother, in France, where he lives with his lovely wife. We ate at this table with only the oil lamp to light us as the evening ambled on, full of love and good wine.
We had not a care in the world. Barbarossa, their 3 legged cat sat purring on my knee, the crickets sang and the fire crackled. I was truly happy in their company, miles from anywhere, down a twisty lane that led only to their home. I wish that I could give the feeling of that time to my brother and G tonight. I wish that I could wrap them in the memory of warmth and laughter and take away the emptiness of losing L.

L fell ill in late September. M and G travelled from France to be with her, full of hope, but fearing the worst. L was funny, full of life and laughter. She never came out of hospital and I know that her sisters are devestated. My thoughts are with all her family tonight.


trixie stix said...

Sending your family my deepest sympathies and wishes of peace during their dark time. Thinking of you ~

Sarah said...

Thank you. S

Farm Wife said...

How horrible. Your brother and his fammily are in my prayers. Wishing them comfort and peace.

Glad for fond memories.