Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Tennis and Tantrums......

Good Grief !! It is hard being a mum sometimes !!

Son #1 went to the first tennis lesson at a new club today. Oh woe !!!

He cried, he refused to join in, he said he hated tennis, he said the other boys would laugh at him.

How I stayed calm I do not know, but somewhere in my head there was a patience gene that thankfully chose today to kick in ! After 1/2 hour of talking and encouraging he stepped on court and BAM!!! HE LOVED IT !!!

Mummy now needs a large glass of wine, but I am feeling pretty smug that, on this occasion anyway, I was a pretty good mum.

Also, I had a good run today. Maybe that accounts for the patience gene !! I cut 30 seconds off my time. YIPPEEEE!!!!!

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