Sunday, 11 February 2007

Thank Goodness for bugs................

Is it just me or do we women spend most of our lives acting as therapist and counsellor for our men ? Now, don't get me wrong, I love my man with every fibre of my being, and he has saved me in the past from all manner of madness, but...........
My man started the day grumpy. He doesn't mean to be grumpy, but he walks into the lounge and he's tired and he just is grumpy.
So we went for our Sunday Walk. We will go for a walk even if you kids don't want to and you will enjoy it !!! But we were 4 separate beings plodding throught the woods, my man emanating grumpiness that you could have touched." What can I do ?" I thought . And bugs came to mind. What do all boys and men have in common ? What overrides all grumpiness and melancholic tendencies ? Bugs and sticks. That's it. Bugs and sticks.
" Gosh, boys, I wonder what's under that log !! " I said in my best Primary School voice. And, yes, the deep genetic instinct that is present in all men, in my house anyway, blossomed forth. All hostility was forgotten in the hunt for creepy crawlies. They were a team, linked together forever by the love of bugs and then the hunt for sticks. No longer were they enemies, but tribal warriors.
And to cement their newfound happiness I sent them out to play football for an hour, with the promise of freshly baked Victoria Sponge Cake for when they came back.
Would we be in Iraq if Mrs Bush had sent her man out to hunt bugs with Saddam, instead of WMD ?


Joshua said...

Your family is very lucky to have a mother/wife such as yourself. You will bring tons of joy to your family for years to come! Love these pics too!!!

Sarah said...

You're making me blush, Joshua !!