Friday, 9 March 2007

Am I shallow.....and do I care.....?

Having posted the fact that I chose free make -up over healthy exercise I have been pondering the thought that I may actually be quite a shallow person. After all, there are no great long tracts about life and the unverse on my blog and, try as I might, I can't see there ever being any.

I'm not saying that I'm a stupid person. I have got certain qualifications after all....... I'm just saying that maybe the important things in my life probably won't qualify me for the Nobel Prize.But then, would I want the Nobel Prize ? Does it involve fun and laughter and free make-up ? No.

I do sound rather shallow.

However, is there anything wrong in liking nice things ? If, to be deep, you have to trog about with a grimace on your face ,rambling on about particle physics and refusing to shave your armpits, then I don't want to be deep. I like chatting with my friends in a country pub garden over a glass of cold white wine. I like trying on clothes that I can't afford. ( I don't actually buy them ) I like painting my nails and reading about lip gloss ( should I go nude or cherry red this season ?) I like to live my life the way I do.

My life is pretty simple. Pretty straightforward. No deeper than a puddle. But right now I'm happy and, to be honest, that's all anyone could ever ask for. Don't you think ?


emily said...

I was jealous of your Clinique bonus and THEN I got a notice in the mail that ours starts this weekend!


Happy is the best any of us can hope for.

Joshua said...

You may think you are shallow...but just remember ~ you aren't!

Lea said...

If you're worrying about being 'shallow', I'd reckon this indicates that you're not! Make-up and clothing is a valid, very creative form of expression too, you know ;-)

Sarah said...

Thank you Joshua and Lea! I am feeling deeper by the minute! S