Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Tired and about to go to bed...........

Gosh! I have had a busy day! Since I got up at 7am I just haven't stopped. I worked all day and then had a meeting until 5pm. Then just had time to munch on a sandwich before I left home with son#1 for football training at 6pm. 45 minutes standing in the excruciating cold watching him play and then back to give my Man the car so he could go to work.

Then, of course, it was the usual routine of homework, baths, stories, bed. Then put the washing on and folded clothes, before sitting down with a nourishing bag of cheese and onion crisps at 9pm. My Man phoned from the restaurant at work as he was waiting for his Arabic Wrap and Salad to be served, wondering if I had eaten. Nice of him to worry, but who feels like cooking when you've been on the go for 14 hours ? Don't worry though. I won't waste away - I think my fat reserves will last a little longer!!

I had to put this photo on. I took it last week when I had been to the garden centre and bought primroses for my front garden. I went to get my trowel and came back to find this bumble bee in one of the flowers. He was sooooo drunk with nectar he could hardly move. Gorgeous!!

That was last week though when the weather was warm and sunny. Today it has snowed and the wind has blown over from Siberia.

Now its 10.21pm and I am tired so I'm going to have a hot shower, wash my hair so I don't have to in the morning and go to bed. Night, night. x


trixie stix said...

Sleep well, our busy bee.

Farm Wife said...

Trixie is right, the bee is a very appropriate picture for this post!

Thank you for the offer to come eat all my baked goods...if I could scan them into my computer, I'd send you a big plate of goodies!

Get some rest. You're no good to us if you wear yourself out...and it's all about our entertainment, isn't it?

Sarah said...

Farm wife, I wish you could scan goodies too!! Still, at least you write the recipes for us! I fancy the cranberry bread on your blog! And,I love the thought of you being entertained by me!!! For goodness sake, don't read my ironing post - unless you need to sleep. ;) S

Margot said...

Wonderful picture indeed. Thanks for writing in spite of the tiredness! Hope the following days will be less exhausting for you ;-)