Monday, 2 April 2007

And breathe...and relaxxx........

The chocolate has worked and I am now calm.Calm and cool. Yes.

Over the last couple of days I have come across some good sites that I thought I might share with you. For those of you who, like me, have nothing better to do than trawl aimlessly for interesting stuff online then this is the place for you.Stumbleupon loads onto your tool bar and you make a pick of all the subjects that interest you. Then you click on the button and recommended websites arrive for you to peruse. If you like you click the thumbs up and maybe review it. If you don't like, click thumbs down and they won't send stuff like that again. Its pretty cool.And, hey, you could join and come to my page ( I'm still secret housewife, chaps )

Oneword is a fun site that I love. You click on GO and a word appears. You then have 1 minute to write something on that word. It times you down and then you can see what other people have written too. Kind of cool. Makes your mind run free. I like that.

Now, too much chocolate altogether has been consumed for my liking recently. Contrary to popular belief ( rumours spread viciously by myself) I don't actually like chocolate that much. Give me a French stick and a slab of Camembert any day. However, in an attempt to free myself from madness-inducing hormones I have invested in a small greenhouse. And seeds.

Lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes. I will be healthy this summer. I will be at one with nature. I shall wander through the park muttering " Compost, compost, John Innes Number 3" my fingers stained with tomato juice and mud.

That's the plan.


Margot said...

Hi Sarah!
Sounds like a really great plan to me!
Lettuce and tomatoes are really easy to grow, cucumber I found a little less easy but challenging (mine would never get the the good size but stayed little - they had a lovely taste thought). You might want to try strawberries as well. I started with six miserable looking plants and have now over 30 (they multiply by themselves). We have about two full cups of strawberries a week now. And they don't need much looking after, just weeding and water. Pumpkins are nice too.
Oh, and you also need to make yourself a patch of garden with all kinds of culinar herbs : parsley, basil, thyme, lavender, etc. That's so nice to have too...

Oh, and just so you know : the little rabbits have opened their eyes yesterday (can't you hear my wild screams of "victory!"? lol), they're growing like hell. That means I'll be able to save them because the critical part was until their eyes would be open.
The little female is quite tame (the male is not), she always wants to sleep in my neck, and loves to be petted. I'm scared she will be too close to humans to be released... But I'm weaning her from human contact, at least I try. I'm oh so happy they survived.

Sarah said...

I'm so glad the rabbits are ok. Well done, you! Strawberries sound a good idea - I might try them!! S