Thursday, 24 May 2007

7 Weird facts about me......

Well, thanks to Trixie for tagging me. I've never been tagged before, but have heard and read of it. I think it means that she's caught me in the virtual playground, tapped me on the shoulder and now its my turn to run with the idea she's passed to me:

7 Weird Things About Me

1. I cannot eat an egg sandwich made by anyone else. I just can't. Don't know why. If I make them I like them a lot. But I'd rather die than eat one made by another person. Makes me cringe.

2. I cannot eat food from another person's plate if it has touched other food on their plate. For example, I could eat a piece of sausage, but not if it had any gravy or sauce on it. Or beans. Yuk.

3. Ok. Now I'm starting to worry because I sound like a complete nutter. That's not fact #3, by the way. This is :

3. I tap out tunes and rythms on my teeth. You know ? I tap my teeth together in my head. Mmmm.

4. When I see someone fall on tv or in real life, or if they just look like they might fall, I get a sharp pain and I flinch. Horrible.

5. I can't stand scallops. They make me gag.

6. I have had dreams that have come true. Spooky.

7. When I get angry ( which doesn't happen very much at all I'm glad to say ) I get so that I can't see. The proverbial red mist is, in my case, absolutely accurate. My heart beats wildly and the world goes red. Don't mess with me !!!!!!!!!

There you go. 7 things. Wierd things. Or is it weird things ? I'm too lazy to get up and check my dictionary. Still, I haven't told those things to many people. I wonder what's wierd about you ? Who shall I tag ? Maybe I should multi-tag ? How about you, Joshua or you, Emily ?!!


trixie stix said...

See, we are all so normal! That dream thing . . wow.

emily said...

i havent been ignoring you! i'm working on my list. i've done a couple of these before so i have to think of new ones. thanks for including me!

Sarah said...

I love your music post Emily! I might do my own version of that one day, if that's ok ? S