Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Dorothy shoes for all........and tennis.

My friend had a baby 2 and a half weeks ago. Baby #4........Is she crazy?! Anyway, I bought the baby( a girl ) these shoes. They are soft soft leather with sparkly hearts - as you can see. I, personally, don't think that there is enough sparkle in the world. Too much glitter ?Impossible!!

If anything there is not enough glitter and I am considering mounting a campaign to spread the joy of sparkly things throughout the world.

DOROTHY SHOES FOR ALL!!! will be my battle cry.

I have my first tennis lesson tomorrow ( in preparation for my big match next Wednesday, more later ) If I had a pair of Dorothy shoes I know I'd win.........or at least lose with panache.


Farm Wife said...

Those shoes rock hard core!!! I'd wear them...even if it meant I had to play tennis (I'm not athletic at all).

trixie stix said...

Baby will love them! Bling and comfy, what more could a girl want.

Good luck with the tennis lessons . . . I never made it out of beginners. Something about balls flying at my face, just doesn't work for me.

Sarah said...

Hi Farm Wife!They do rock, don't they?! Why don't they sell gorgeous stuff for adults? Its so boring!!
Hello Trixie! My tennis lesson was fab!! The coach even said he thought my serve had the potential to be a great shot!!( With about 10 years practise )I think he was taking pity on me!!Still, I didn't get hit in the face even once. Always a good thing. S

Fashion said...

great shoes....looking better than my nike shoes....nice post