Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Somewhere in this photo.......

Now, I did write a little while ago about my amazing hiding boy.. Each night he hides from me so when I go into his room to say good night I simply cannot find him. We do not live in a large house. He does not have the East Wing to call his own - just a little room, messy, but his. How does he hide from me so successfully in such a tiny space ? Well, if you were thinking that I was a poor tracker - one lacking in parenting skills and intuition - I set you a challenge.

Look at the following photo. In it there is a young fella hiding. Can you see him ? Even with the light on ? And bear in mind I usually have to look for the wee critter in the dark. Go on. Try !!

Did you find him ? Here is the answer:

He is going to be a spy one day............ Scary.


Margot said...

Indeed, he is hiding very well!
Just a little hello to say thanks for passing by on my blog and leaving a comment... I feared I was forgotten lol...
I really do miss reading you every day... Odd, isn't, how quickly we become used to - or should I say addicted - some habbits, things or persons?
Well,... 'Til very soon I hope!

Sarah said...

How could I forget you Margot?!! I know what you mean about becoming addicted though!And I'm so glad you like reading my stuff - I like writing it and it really amazes me that people like it!! But I'm glad you do. I coming over to yours now. See you in a minute!! S