Tuesday, 29 May 2007


Well, I survived yesterday. I went for my run in the rain which was lovely. I love the feeling of freedom - like I am the only person in the world. When I got back World War 3 had hit our house. My Man was majorly pissed off with life and the boys. Just one big black cloud over the house.

I suppose there are just times when things don't go well. Right now I think my Man and me need to have some fun together. I love him so much, but you know, we spend so much of our time being Mum and Dad, workers, that we don't get to have fun. We do so much for the boys - we really want them to have every opportunity, but sometimes I feel as though they just suck the life blood from us. Usually its either one or the other of us who feel low, but this week its both of us. The boys are good boys, but they are kids, with no realisation of our needs. Who would expect them to ? To them we are strong and unbeatable. Mum and Dad.

So, what can I do? Wait for the storm to pass. I know it will. And maybe if the damn weather turned sunny it would make things better ? Right now its rain rain rain. I just want, for a night to be with my Man and laugh and dance and not have to worry about the boys. I want to escape to a time where I didn't feel like a drudge. Unfortunately when you're a parent that's a tall order. Still, chin up. Tomorrow's another day.


Farm Wife said...

It's hard enough when you're sick and tire of coping, but to have your hubby go on strike at the same time really makes it hard! So far Husband and I seem to swing in opposite directions most of the time meaning at least one of us can deal with our hooligans.

I wish I could come babysit so you two could go out dancing. Hey, call that grandpa that just moved in close by. Grandparents aren't allowed to go on strike! :)

I'm off to yell at my little people who've been at cleaning their rooms for about 3 hours with no discernible change in the magnitude of the messes...I swear, it should only take 20 minutes, tops!

Sarah said...

Yes, we usually manage to be one up one down or both up. But today we both sank. Never mind. As for Grandpa, well, he's lovely, but 80 and I'm not sure he could take long with my boys!! Maybe if they were asleep!! I hope your little peoples rooms turned out neat?! Or did they lose track of time and turn them into camps ? Ah well, time for bed. S