Sunday, 24 June 2007

Feeling GOOD!!!

Life is so busy right now !! Today we had my Man's Dad's 80th birthday party. Well, when I say party you can take that loosely. In fact my Man's brothers (2) and wives and kids came over to ours with Dad where we supped a little bubbly ( Cava, much to their disappointment, not champagne )and then we all went out for lunch at a pub in the countryside. We had a little room all to ourselves, which was nice, complete with a fish tank containing one lonely Piranha fish. I am not sure whether said fish had eaten all his companions or had always been alone.

Lunch was ok - not the best Sunday roast I've had, but ok. The most important thing was that my Man's Dad enjoyed it. We all trooped back home for Chocolate birthday cake ( I was up until 11pm last night baking the thing ) which went down well. You can't beat homemade cake can you ?

This is not my cake, but it was slightly similar....... you know ? Chocolate, strawberries, plate...

Changing the subject I have to let you know that my water drinking is going jolly well. I have been drinking at least 1.5 litres each day for a week and a half..... and probably 8 or 10 portions of fruit or veg a day. If you don't drink much water then I can only recommend that you start. I cannot believe the difference. I feel like a sponge that has ben all dried up and shrivelled for years and is now being drenched in mineral water - pluffing up and revelling in a newfound softness and bounce !!! I am thinking clearer, sleeping better, feeling un-bloated and generally much more alive. Wow! All these years and I thought that I was ok. Durrrr....

So, its now just gone 11pm and I am going to stop and go to bed. I found this photo a while ago which I thought was rather lovely. Do you like it too ?


trixie stix said...

So glad things are good for you! The water tid-bit is good to know. I hate to drink it, but will try harder now.

Joshua said...

Yay for birthday parties!

I don't know why, but it looks like your blog has huge gaps in it when I read it just me?


Farm Wife said...

It's like that for me too, Josh.

I love the picture...although I keep thinking, "Get that baby out of the water! Do you want to drown it?" Strange.

Sounds like a good party & the cake looks fab!

I may have to try the water thing...I MUST lay off the soda. Need to back off the sugar intake.

The Neighbour said...

Hello my hunny bunny, thought I would suprise you by leaving a comment. I have now joined the ranks of blogging but not sure how much effort will go into it!! Just wanted to say a big thankyou for looking after me the other day. (well looking after my children)You are truly a fab friend Claire xxxxxx

Mommy to 4 little people said...

OK I I finally had a chance to pop over and see what you have been up to. Thank you for all the kind comments on my blog.
I love that picture. It is so beautiful. I am glad that you are feeling better. I love to read your blog, it always makes me feel good.