Sunday, 29 July 2007

A Weekend Idyll........

The weekend started on Thursday when we ( all 4 of us ) flew to France. When I say France I don't mean Paris or anywhere that you have heard of, but France , as in the "middle of nowhere ". That is where my lovely brother lives with his beautiful wife. This weekend they held a party for all their friends and family who could make it over. We camped in the orchard ( please note that my tent is the little flowery one !), stayed at friends houses in the village and on bedroom floors.

As the day went on more people arrived. Altogether there were probably about 60 people. Mums, Dads,Grandmas, children, babies. The oldest 70, the youngest 6 weeks. As Friday dawned we all set to getting ready for a weekend of music, good food and wine. And all this in the most beautiful setting. Nothing but fields of maize and sunflowers for as far as the eye could see.
My brother and his wife were so organised. She had cooked Gazpacho Soup for 60 followed by ribs of beef that were barbecued over log fires and served with spicy potatoes and string beans. In the afternoon I wandered down the track through the fields and gathered wild flowers for the tables where we ate under the trees.

Everyone worked together to make the weekend work. French and English mingling together. For breakfast food was laid out in the barn and each morning I woke to the smell of bacon cooking on an open fire. My other brother had come with his band and they played until the early hours each night with everyone dancing and laughing.

The Saturday was busy with rounders matches and football tournaments, treasure hunts and face painting. As a last minute idea I had taken my face paints and I sat under a tree painting tigers and butterflies, whales and Rainbow Fish ! Just lovely. Its my idea of heaven to paint and then see the child's reaction when they see themselves in the mirror.

As a surprise my brother M had arranged for my sister to sing his and his wife's "song" with the band. She sang " Don't it make my brown eyes blue " and the reaction of G was gorgeous. They are so in love. This year has been very hard for them both and it was wonderful to see them look so happy.

It was so lovely to all be together. We drank champagne like it was going out of fashion and ate spit roasted lamb from their flock and hog roast too. Young and old danced and sang . Tonight, as I write there are 14 left at the farmhouse, eating shepherds pie round the big kitchen table. I wish I was still there with them and I can't thank them enough for such a beautiful weekend.


Farm Wife said...

How wonderful!! It looks absolutely idyllic. I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend.

I was just coming by to tell you how I got my poll, only to find you've beat me to the punch!

trixie stix said...

It looks like a charmed weekend to be sure. Lot's of family, food, friends to enjoy, but it looks like the biggest thing you enjoyed was love. I am happy for you and your family.

Inkling said...

What a beautiful weekend, and what beautiful pictures! I loved the flowers in the jars, and the field of sunflowers looks like a dream.