Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The Sayings of my Mother....

Just off the phone to my Mum. I had to let you know her views on blogs.

" Blog? What's Blog ? Oh, I know. You can't be bothered to buy a first class stamp. Oh, its a different world. Ugh! "

Thanks Mum. You have to laugh don't you ?


Margot said...

Just a quick hi and hello to tell you that my internet connection has been repared yesterday so I'm back.
Missed you ;-)

FarmWife said...

Can you imagine all the postage you'd have to pay to mail each of us every post?! YIKES!!


emily said...

Oy. Moms.

Sarah said...

Wow !! Margot, how lovely to have you back !! I kept coming to see your bumble bee and wondered where you were. I'll be over later. Sarah x

Farm Wife, you really made me laugh ! That really would be a lot of postage wouldn't it ?!

And Emily ? I couldn't have put it better mself !! Sarah x