Sunday, 23 September 2007

More blogging ? How ?

I noticed the other day that in February I posted 22 times. I think that was my most blogs per month so far and since then it has gone downhill. I decided that I really ought to blog more often, after all I enjoy blogging and, when I sit down to write ,the words just tumble out. However, the big question is " How on earth do I fit it in ? " I can't spend hours up here typing when my Man is about as I feel a bit uncomfortable ignoring him. And late at night, after the kids are in bed, I'm just pooped. Also, I have started my other blog about my Marathon training so that takes some time as well. Before I know it several days have gone by and I've written nothing. How can I expect people to mosy on by and read me if I don't write ? You'll just get bored and give up coming.

So, I really have to sort myself out and write when I can. After all, my Man does go to work and its not like I spend all day doing housework and stuff. I am going to knuckle down and be more productive.

At the moment Son #1 is in the bath having played golf all day. They both played in a tournament locally and what a long day it was !! Luckily it was sunny, if a little breezy, but Good Grief, if I never see another golf course again, ever, it will be too soon !!

They both played well, considering it was their first competition since taking golf up in August. Son #1 was very nervous as he approached the first tee. " Please let him just hit the ball ! " I thought. And blow me down with a feather !! He absolutely creamed it with his driver - right down the middle and 10 metres from the green, then down for a par !! What a star !!

I am hoping that they will be good enough at some sport to eventually keep me in my old age!!

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