Saturday, 22 September 2007

My Boy's Birthday.

On Thursday it was my #2 Son's 8th birthday. We had such a lovely day! He was Mr Excited, waking up for the first time at 2am. " Can I open my presents now ? " he asked. " NO. " came the reply. " Go back to bed. "

At 6.15 he came in again and this time we did agree to presents. We sang Happy Birthday and cuddled and remembered 8 years ago. In the evening we went out to eat at Ask and I don't think I have ever seen my boy so happy. It was just gorgeous. He ate pasta with gorgonzola and spinach in a cream sauce ( an 8 year old ?! ) and the staff brought him chocolate cake with a candle and we all sang Happy Birthday. I may be slightly biased, but he is SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!

Today we had his birthday party. He had 12 friends to play football at a local centre. ( soccer ) It was great fun. I did leave needing Valium though as some of his friends ( 3 to be exact ) have obviously never heard of table manners. Just revolting. I am a very patient person usually, but if I had had a machine gun...... I told one of them that I would never be inviting him to another party as his behaviour was so appalling ! Oh, Good Grief ! I really lost the plot there. At the time I thought I was being quite restrained.....but now I look back ??

Still, it made me see, even more, what lovely boys I have. We have just sat together snuggling on the sofa, eating crisps and watching the X Factor. And now, after a lovely vanilla bath they are off to bed. I am going to read them stories and thank my lucky stars that they are so good !!


Mum's the Word said...

Happy Birthday to him! That tells me that you and your man must be doing a good job b/cuz good kids come from good parents

Sarah said...

Thanks for saying that ! I do wonder about my abilities as a Mum sometimes, when I am very grumpy. Thanks ! S