Friday, 14 September 2007

Where has the time gone ?

Goodness me ! Where has the time gone ? The last week or so has been a constant whirl of ferrying my boys to football, swimming, more football,golf, tennis, and then more football. Mix that up with 19 hours work a week, marathon training and the occasional moment to eat or sleep and I am worn out !!

I am really enjoying work. My new class is brilliant and I feel, at the moment, pretty organised. On Wednesday my Man and I went to see Prince at the O2 stadium . Amazing !! And so loud !! Am I getting old ? I loved the music - he is so talented, playing piano, guitar, singing, dancing. Just great.

I have told quite a few people that I'm doing the Marathon, to varying reactions. Generally people have been very supportive, especially GB1 and my neighbour. My neighbour's mum was thrilled " I'll come and support you" she said. Brilliant !

I told my mum. " Oh. I thought you were giving up that sort of thing." Nice one mum.

I e-mailed lots of my friends and family to tell them I was running in a 10k race in October. Its for Cancer Research and I asked for sponsorship, but really stressed that I didn't want anyone to feel obligated. Within 8 hours I had been donated £80. Fantastic friends.

Within 24 hours my brother had e-mailed me back. " So you want to be sponsored ? How much does it cost to cure cancer ? Oh, and you know you were late for S and my birthdays this year ? Well its S's 40th next year - just so you know. " Thanks mate.

I refuse to be infected by my family's negativity. I refuse. My other brother was thrilled. He ran the London Marathon several years ago and had nothing but encouragement for me. I love you M . I love you.
Families are funny things. I never know quite where I stand with mine. I envy people who know unconditional love and affection from their families. My family is so mixed up. You never know, are they trying to be funny ? Trying to be mean ? I don't know. I feel like an outsider a lot of the time. Ah well.


Josh said...

Yes, families are kinda strange like that. It's almost as if you're not a're a relative. Almost like an alien.

Haha! Good for you! Work it out!

Sarah said...

Ok. I will. So there. S