Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Gosh ! I smell lovely !!

I was watching tv the other night when a programme came on that was very interesting. The tv people measured the levels of chemicals and things called parabens ( used in masses of products like shampoo, deodorant etc ) in the bodies of 2 women. They then were made to use " natural " products for a period of time and the levels dropped. Now, I came in on the end of the programme so forgive me for not being more knowledgeable. But it seemed to me that they were saying that our bodies are becoming clogged with the chemicals we take for granted. Chemicals used in every day products that we assume are absolutely safe.

It made me think - an unusual trait that does not occur too often in my busy life. Do I want to have my body drenched in parabens and other chemicals ? The answer was..... NO. But do I want to smell like an old tramp ? No, I don't. I like spraying myself liberally with perfume, frothing myself with shower bubbles and using deodorant that does what it says.

I was in Tesco when I noticed a deodorant that looked quite interesting. It was a clear bottle with a few crystals in. Apparently you had to fill it with water and the natural crystals from some exotic place in Japan released a naturally occurring anti-bacterial something or other. Well, ever willing to part with my money for a fancy looking bottle......I bought it.

I have had it for a week ( about ) and I am amazed. Its like spraying water on myself. Well, that's exactly what I am doing. But I don't smell. There is no stinky old smell of sweat, even after a run. After a full day at work I am fresh as a daisy ( AREN'T I GB1 ????) I don't know how it works, but it does. I just smell of Beautifully fragrant, of course.

And I can refill it up to 5 times. Its called Bionsen Deo Total Body. Active Minerals. Give it a try.

100% Natural - Can be refilled up to 5 times
Bionsen Deo Total Body Active Minerals prevents the proliferation of odour causing bacteria in a totally natural way. Sprayed onto clean skin, it gives a pleasant sensation of fresheness and confidence that last up to 36hrs. The active minerals act as an extremely efficient bactericide, without interfering with the natural physiological balance of the skin. 100% Natural - alcohol, preservative and fragrance free.Activated simply by adding water


trixie stix said...

Very cool! I'll have to check it out.

We have way too many preservatives and man-made chemicals in our bodies . . . though i rather enjoy beer, wine or spirits now and again.

The Neighbour said...

Bloody Hippy

Mum's the Word said...

Brilliant! I'm a sucker for a pretty bottle, too! :-)

Sarah said...

I smell pretty! I smell pretty!! So pretty and witty and..... ok. nuf said. S