Saturday, 1 December 2007

Just thinking...

This week at work has been a strange one. I can't really write about it on here, because you never know do you if the person involved might read what you write ? Suffice to say that its been disconcerting and not too pleasant. I hope that I have been a good person. I think I have.

One of the strange things that has run alongside my week at work has been memories. I have thought a lot this week about my friend Jonnie. I found myself crouched down by the childrens drawers, putting letters away, and thinking of her brought hot tears to my eyes.

It was through Jonnie that I got my job. When she fell ill with breast cancer the school needed someone to fill in for her. I was the fill in. That was 4 years ago on the 15th December. I have never met anyone like Jonnie. She was good and kind, funny and irreverent, with a heart as big as her smile. She wore her faded old Disney t-shirt and open sandals and she made you feel like you were important in the world. She had a gift with children and knew how to make them feel brave, knew how to make them laugh.

I can still hear her soft Scottish voice, the way she said Ports Mowth instead of Portsmuth like everyone else. When I'm alone in a corridor at school I can almost feel her giggling behind me and slapping my backside, or singing " I'm a little tea pot short and stout ".

She was absolutely full of life, even to the last. I can see her in her sick bed smiling at the bubbles from the bubble machine her son had just bought her. Its just over a year since she died and I just miss her. So much.


Margot said...

I am sure that she really does look at you, giggling and singing "I'm a little tea pot..."
This is such a moving text...
I had a teacher you really fits the description of Jonnie, back at primary school. She fought really hard against blood cancer.
I am with you in your thoughts for her and I want to thank for leaving that message about my grandmother on my blog. Really. It touched me a lot.

FarmWife said...

I'm so sorry you're missing your friend, but I am also glad you were blessed with her to begin with.

Thank you for your thoughts for my grandfather.

And you are the reason I told QM I wanted Villette to begin with. I remembered you saying it was a wonderful book. I'm saving it for the day of Bucka's surgery.

God bless you, my dear.

Josh said...

I'm glad to see you're blogging again, but wish you better feelings than these. Do as you do, and remember the good times, and never forget to share your time with her with others. That way they never forget her either.

Sarah said...

Thank you my lovely friends. S

Mum's the Word said...

Sorry I am behind the times, but thank you for this beautiful post. I hope you continue to feel Jonnie...that is how we hold on to those we've lost. Hopefully more time will brins smiles every time you think of her.JJ