Thursday, 3 January 2008


I was just browsing through some other blogs - you know when you click on Next Blog ? I was taken to some very strange places:

Japanese people blogging in English with big aggression problems

Baby pics by the thousand by a first time mum who obviously adores her baby

Strange Spanish blogs

Strange Portuguese blogs

All of them merrily typing away into the emptiness of the ether.

And I thought, firstly that they probably would think that my blog was odd too.

And then I thought how lucky I was to find my blog friends amongst these people.

My blog friends are lovely !!

I wonder how you get loads of people to read your blog ? Of course, those who do come here are the Elite of blog readers, but how do people who have hundreds or thousands of people through each day manage it ?

Maybe I should just write something interesting !!!


Lara said...

You do write very interesting things. Why do you think yours is one of the few blogs I still read regularly! How all those other blogs get so many readers, I'll never know. . . but you do have friends in us. :-)

Margot said...

Maybe they pay them to leave some comment, who knows, hihihi?
Then again I don't regard "Lindas fotos" as a 'comment'. I'm the kind of person who prefers no comment instead of a comment saying nothing, aren't you, too?

I mean, I like to get to know the people I'm talking with, like you and Farmwife, and Trixie, and my friend Lea in Australia...
I often wondered how some blogs have so many readers.
I think that time does a good part of the trick, don't you?
And maybe the fact that you spread the link to it a lot or not. I personnaly don't.
I know a lot of people who drop by my blog but don't post anything.

And I agree with Lara : why do you think I drop by at least four times a week to read you? Of course you write interesting things, you dummy! Don't you dare think something else! (lol)

Sarah said...

You do make me smile, you two !! I am so glad that you come by here so often. I may not have many readers, but those I have are QUALITY !!! Sarah xxx