Sunday, 6 January 2008

My boys...

I put my boys to bed tonight as usual... well, better than usual really. We have our routine whereby they have their bath, clean their teeth and then I read son #2 his story, then son #1 his. Tonight it all seemed sooooo relaxed, soooo enjoyable. Son #2 had been tidying his room, just off his own back, and has done a lovely job. Son #1's room was pretty tidy anyway. That alone amazes me, when I think back to the traumas we used to have about room tidying !!

They are growing up so fast and growing into the most adorable 2 boys that I could ever have dreamed of. Yes, we have our moments of grumpiness and shouting, but more and more these days life is enjoyable. They provide wonderful company and good conversation. Son #1 is 10 now, but he still will snuggle up on the sofa to watch tv with me - or just spontaneously come and give me the biggest cuddle.

On Saturday son #1 scored 4 goals at football and made about 3 more. I was so proud to watch my baby as he generously laid the ball off to other boys to score when he could quite easily have scored himself. He is so sensible, so sensitive. Son #2 is just a bundle of energy - racing around at 100 miles an hour, always laughing and trying to make us laugh. But he's always the first to notice if you're down or need some help with something. He has a way of helping people so that they don't even know he's doing it.

I found the photo above, taken maybe 6 years ago, and I love it. They are so serious in their roles - with son #2 trying hard to copy his big brother. I want to make the most of every moment I have with them, every cuddle, every smile. Before I had these 2 fellas I didn't know it was possible to love anyone as much as I love them. They are... my boys.


FarmWife said...

How precious! I love the picture. Your boys give me hope that someday my children will clean their rooms without me standing over them directing!

I have been reading your blog (haven't missed a post), but haven't commented in a while. Love all the pictures you've posted lately! I'm still about & hoping you're enjoying the new year!

trixie stix said...

Magnificent! Boys touch your heart and home in such a wonderful way. "We love them forever . . . we like them for always . . . as long as they are living, our babies they will be." - Quoted from I LOVE YOU FOREVER by Robert N. Munsch.

Margot said...

Gosh, now I have tears in my eyes (lucky I didn't put any make-up on lol)... They really are magnificent on the picture!
Reading this, I preciously and secretly wish that I will be as devoted a mother and have sons - or daughters - as fiercely adorable as yours!

Sarah said...

They are rather lovely aren't they !! Even though I do say so myself !!S