Sunday, 17 February 2008

How true !!!

Now, I'm not sure how you will take this picture... For me it means different things on different days. On glorious sunny days when I have run like a veritable gazelle across the English fields, then running makes life feel wonderful, as if it could go on and on for ever. On other days, when I've slogged like a geriatric elephant, being overtaken by old women on Zimmer frames, then running makes life seem looooooooong. Damn long.

Running has taken over my life as I am training for the London Marathon. Did I mention that before maybe ? So sometimes, after I've written my stats up on and written my other blog ( Secret Housewife does the Marathon ( hopefully ) ) and actually done the whole running thing - I am pretty pooped.

So this blog is not always getting my full attention. For that I apologise, but I do invite you to click on the Secret Housewife Marathon blog if you fancy and I can bore you there about my triumphs, miseries and general obsession with running. If, however, small, sweaty, slow and often quite wobbly housewives are not your thang - I will understand completely !!!!

To those of you who still visit despite my lack of ouevres ( is that work or egg ??) then thank you. You are always welcome and your comments brighten my day !!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Margot said...

Lol Sarah.
Work is indeed oeuvre (but you put the "e" on the wrong side of the "u"). Egg in French is "oeuf".
I'll visit the marathon blog ;-)

Hope you're okay. Love. Margot.