Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Last year I planted lots of new clematis in my garden.... and, amazingly..... they have grown !! What a triumph !!! I went to have a look round the garden and there they all were - thriving and climbing like loonies. I can't wait until they actually bloom !! Here is a photo of one of the established ones :

Rather lovely, eh ?? And to think I have done nothing in my garden so far this year. I can feel a spark of interest and enthusiasm !! A friend has also given me some potatoes which are chitting on my kitchen window sill. So we will have lovely tasty homegrown spuds this year with any luck. How lovely !!


Lea said...

Hello again Sarah! I love clematis too - this one's a beautiful colour :-)

Margot said...

Hey Lea, you discovered Sarah's blog, he?!!

Sarah, it's been a while since I last came by, sorry for that.
The picture of that clematis is just absolutely gorgeous, really nice one!! I love it's color, it looks so soft and makes me want to smell it.
Do clematis have a nice smell?
I never managed to keep one alive (only tried once, but still...)
Hope to hear from you soon!

trixie stix said...

What a lovely plant. Was it easy to grow, or did you have to baby them for a while? I have never had luck with clematis and would dearly love your advice.

g said...

Congrats, I shun from clematis 'cause someone from the garden center said "It's tricky" and I heard about stories of "the disease" they get. I think honeysuckles are the alternative.

I'm considered a newbie to gardening but I love it. I agree that we get this "I'm quite interested in my garden" phase... especially after seeing just bare twigs, snow and evergreens covered in potato sacks (to protect from frost) for about... hmmm, depending on where you live, I suppose.

Visiting from Margot's blog, btw. :D