Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Spring has sprung...

Yes, I think we can safely say that Spring has sprung and probably we could also conclude that, after 4 days of gorgeous sunny weather, the British Summer is now over. Still, that at least makes it about twice the length of last year's effort.

I have now entered the " I'm quite interested in my garden " phase of the year. This generally runs from about now until the second or possibly third week in July. At this point I lose all interest and give up. As do my plants. Thanks for your comment, Trixie about my clematis. I do wish that I could help you in a gardenery type of way. Unfortunately my gardening skills consist of weeding quite well and just planting things that I think are pretty. They usually have to be quite hardy to survive as they do not get a huge amount of help from me !!

I do know that clematis like their roots to be shaded, if that helps ?

I had a wonderful evening - the first of many hopefully, sitting at early evening with a glass of wine and a bowl of crisps, listening to my boys playing in the garden next door and watching the birds hopping about the grass. Son #2 sat at our garden table doing his maths homework and I thought how very lucky I am.


FarmWife said...

Once again I am envious of your garden. It looks lovely. Mine is a big field with barely surviving plants and a slowly rotting table. Oh dear.

Margot said...

A very nice garden indeed.
I hope your English Summer will come back a little though ;-)

FarmWife said...

I just found a t-shirt web site for moms with boys. When I saw this, I thought of you!